We are here for you

Monday, May 4, 2020

To all of you serving ZOÉGAS or NESCAFÉ to your customers, who are working with coffee out of home. We are here for you. Read more here about how we can support during these difficult times. 

In a time when nothing is as it should, when we are facing situations we can't control, it's even more important that we help eachother out. 

We at Nestlé Professional want to emphazise taht we are here for you, to support you in the ways that we can and that you need most. To all of you serving ZOÉGAS or NESCAFÉ out of home, the hardships may vary and your needs differ. So our upport will adapt according to that. But to give you some examples, please see below. If you want any support from us, please talk to your contact at Nestlé Professional, or email us at nestleprofessional@se.nestle.com.


Virtual Barista training

When in a situation where we're limited in physical meetings, we need to be creative!
Right now we're offering free, virtual Barista trainings for you and your team, through Microsoft Teams, Facetime or similar  technologies that suits you. Send us an email, with your name and business name, and we'll arrange a proper set up for you. 

Optimize you eCommerce

As an effect from the current situation, we can see that eCommerce and online shopping is increasing. The food-and beverage industry is one of the largest growing categories. The fact that more people turn to online shopping, will probably have a long term effect in the way we buy also in the future. So if you haven't already optimized you eCom - this is the time! We are here to support you, just reach out.



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